"Children cannot bounce off the walls if we take away the walls" - Erin Kenny

Imagination Mountain Activties

Imagination Day Camp

During our regular Season times we host a Day Camp from 9:30 to 11:30 during the summer months (June 21st-July 12th). any child 4 and up can attend. the camp consists of crafts, games, stories, and activities.

Please confirm exact dates for camp if you are interested when making reservation.


Water Wars

Come enjoy the ultimate water gun fight! It's the water gun fight that the entire campground can take part in. This has become so popular that we had to schedule specific weekends so our guests can book accordingly. 

Note: We no longer have the trailer for water wars for safety and participation reasons. We have adjusted the activity for the enjoyment of everyone and it is a blast!


Here are the weekends we will have Water Wars in 2022:

 May Memorial Day Weekend

Each Saturday in June and July

August 6th and 13th

 September Labor Day Weekend



Throughout the year, we open our stage to all ages to perform their favorite songs. It's your time to shine and show your friends and family what you've got!



Candy Bar Bingo


Everyone's favorite campground game! Take your chances at bingo to win candy bars! This activity goes on all year so you won't miss out!


These are just our activities that the Imagination Mountain Staff provides often. We are constantly adding and trying new activities and would love our Camper's input! To check out our amenities we offer, click here!






Seasonal Activities



Camping in the smoky Mountains allows you to experience any season to it's fullest. Our activities are based on seasonal fun during Spring, Summer, and Fall. Let's break it down into the Seasons...




Spring Fest


During spring fest, we like to make sure we take in all that the season has to offer. Everyone is excited for nice weather and the beautiful blooms of the season. For the 3 Spring Fest weekends, we will be doing activities that are springtime themed as well as a flashlight easter egg hunts on Saturday Nights


2022 Spring Fest Weekends: 

March 26th

April 2nd

April 9th

April 16th

(Easter Weekend- morning egg hunt on Sunday added to usual spring fest activities)






Starting Memorial Day weekend, summer kicks off! The pool is open, it's time to get in the stream to splash around, and our activities we offer during summer can't get much better when you're camping! Water Wars is one of the most anticipated summer activities that we do. Each morning their will be a 1 to 2 hour camp for the kiddos. The Summer comes to an end at Labor Day Weekend.





There's no better time to camp than in the fall. The weather is perfect and the colors of the mountains are magical. It's one of our favorite times to take advantage of the festive time of year. Starting in September we make sure we get the football games on and stock up on the firewood. We offer 7 halloween weekends during this time that are such a blast and will create lasting memories! Each of these weekends consist of:



Pumpking Carving Contest

Site Decorating Contest

Dress up Dance Party

Candy Harvest and more!


 2022 Halloween Activity Dates:


September 24th

October 1st

October 8th

 October 15th

   October 22nd

October 31st

                                                             November 5th (Last Halloween Weekend)


Halloween isn't the only holiday we celebrate at Imagination Mountain during the fall. Thanksgiving has become an annual event we look forward to. Our Guests , New and returning campers, join together for a feast! Our family and staff provide the turkeys, gravy, Rolls, and potatoes. Everyone else brings the sides and desserts. It's a great time to enjoy the outdoors before winter sets in.


If you have any specific questions about the activities we provide, please don't hesitate to ask one of our Staff members!


See you soon!