Brrrrr it's Winter :(

It may be blistering cold out but our imaginations are already working after our December break. Here are a few reminders...

Just a reminder to all those campers who love our Halloween activities, we are adding 2 Wednesdays to our schedule to provide more chances for Halloween fun! Check out all the dates on our website under Seasons and Dates!

We are busy painting and cleaning up all of the branches that decided they were too good to stay on the trees...

We went a little crazy this year at the gift shows buying new products in the store! We are also reimagining how the gift shop looks and what else would be new and exciting to offer our guests!

We have been receiving a lot of calls for reservations so as soon as you know your dates, don't wait to call! We only have so many sites unfortunately and hate to turn people away!

Just a couple more months to go and it will be Spring again! See you all soon!


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